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Alexia and Andrew

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Our Story

When we both entered medical school in the fall of 2020, neither of us could have imagined that we would end up here. We started out as friends, both of us trying to navigate studying and meeting new people. By November, we became inseparable. Whether it was spending long hours in the library, watching Formula 1 on the weekends, or planning our next stop on the Columbus Ale Trail, we have loved every minute together.
The memories we have shared already are endless. We spent two weeks traveling throughout Europe, spending time in London, Paris, Positano, and Rome, and also enjoyed two Caribbean cruises. At home in Columbus, after a busy day in the hospital, we look forward to reading books on the balcony or finding new restaurants to try.
2024 will be a huge year for us. After four years of hard work and dedication, we will both earn our Medical Degree, and we are so excited to celebrate our wedding shortly after. We cannot wait to soon be known as Dr. and Dr. Rust!